Let’s share the information on Zoology (+2 Level). Your suggestions welcomed.

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for Zoology Matters of / for / from Puducherry and Karaikal Higher Secondary lecturers.

Selected Multiple Choice Questions in Nervous Coordination

Nervous MCQs 12th

Very Short Answer {3 marks} Questions in [Biology] Zoology


1,  What are carbohydrates and Mention its compositions.

2,  Classify the different types of monosaccharides ?

3,  What are polysaccharides?

4,  Listout the essential aminoacids.

5,  What is kwashoirkar? Mention its symptoms ?

6,  State the functions of Lipids ?

7,  What is PUFA ? Mention its importance.

8,  Name the different types of vitamins.

9,  Explain IRM  and IRW.

…  …  …  further questions    —  —  — — >  in pdf format.

Click the title Below:

Very short answer Questions for 12th standard

Click the link below for skeletal system illustration. ( This one take you to out side of this blog. )


2 comments on “Zoology

  1. Sir, I am Premkumar Julien, Lect.( zoology ) at GHSS, Koodapakkam. Might be familiar, met in the three-day seminar. Happened to browse your blog. Eager to see you at work on the practicals, especially for tamil medium students. Pl. keep in touch



    • Dear Prem, Thanks for the comments. In the 3 day seminar itself we had the hard copies regarding practicals. If any change or modifications it will be posted in the Page zoo-logistics. With regards,
      T. Madhavan

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