Teaching of Science

The Teaching Practice Record formats of this Academic Year 2010-11 for the Subjects English and Science are available now. Kindly click below the heading for the ‘pdf ‘ file annexed. Download these pdf file and got it printed.  Make copies and Distribute to to your friends.

ENGLISH Teaching Practice Record 2010

SCIENCE Teaching Practice Record format 2010

In this page you may find the lecture notes and the important academic stuff. Just click over the Heading of the topic listed below for the pdf  version annexed.

Teaching Science —> Teaching Science

Scientific method —> Scientific method

Learning by doing —> Learning by doing

Assignment method —> Assignment method

Seminar method —> Seminar method

Evaluation —> Evaluation Part 1

Clothing —> CLOTHING

Multimedia —> TSc 2_5 Multi media

Heuristic Method —>Heuristic Method

Project method —> Project Method jtm

Co-curricular activities —> Co-Curricular Activities

Inductive and deductive method —> Inductive and Deductive Method

Active Learning Method —> TSc 2_6 Active Learning Method

Mind Mapping Mind mapping : Seminar hints … … Mind Mapping


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