Facilitating and Enhancing Learning

click over the heading below for the Lecture Notes in pdf file.

1. Motivation  >>  FEL1.1  Motivation

2. Methods of facilitating learning  >>  FEL1.2  Methods of Facilitating Learning

3. Organizing Learning Activities  >>   FEL1.3  Organizing Learning Activities

4. Learning for communication  >>  FEL1.4  Learning for Communication

5. Learning and Thinking  >>  FEL1._5  Learning and Thinking

6. Learning Styles  >>  FEL1.6  Learning Styles

Blueprint / Model question paper  >>>  FEL1 Blue Prints and Model Question Paper

1. Technology for Learning   <<  FEL 2.1 Technology for Learning

2. Classroom Climate  <<  FEL 2.2 Classroom Climate

3. Multi – Grade Teaching  <<  FEL 2.3 Multigrade Teaching

4. Affective learning  <<  FEL 2.4 Affective Learning

5. Assessment of and for Learning  <<  FEL 2.5 Assessment of and for Learning

6. Special Education  <<  FEL 2.6 Special Education


9 comments on “Facilitating and Enhancing Learning

  1. pls send me to prepare for tet exam for paper 1, child development and pedagogy in english medium question. pls send this

  2. iam study dted second year. pls post ENGLISH second year grammar and prose material. THANKYOU

  3. dear sir,
    I am your old student of diet (2008-2010). I want psychology study materials (English medium ) for tet exam. pls send some materials soon sir. thank u sir.

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