DTEd first year

Proforma for the Record work for teaching practice is given.

Kindly download all files listed below.

Complete your exercises as given in the index page of the record.

SCIENCE Observation record format 2011_12

SCIENCE Teaching Practice Record format at DIET 2011_12 PROFORMA

SCIENCE teaching practice record proforma 2011_12

ENGLISH Observation record format 2011_12


5 Marks Questions:

1. Write an activity at discussion stage for the students in the teaching of a poem.

In the discussion stage the teacher need not explain every word or every line. To make the students understand the meaning of the poem, simple questions may be asked. Poetry is for appreciation. So, understanding of the poem is important. The teacher can show relevant teaching learning material to elicit the answer. In the poem coromondal fishers, the teacher asks questions in the discussion stage like,

What are the catamaram?

How do fishermen go in to the sea?

What do fishermen got from the sea ?

The teacher can show pictures to elicit the answer.

2. How shall children be guided to appreciate a poem in 5th standard?

Poetry is memorable and eloquent speech. The poet spoke to us through his poem. The message of the poem is more important. Presentation of the poem should be done orally through speech. There is a delight in listening to poetry rhyme and rhythm appeal mainly to the ears. The teacher helps his students to…   …. …    …

Teaching of Poetry


  1. Write any five objectives of learning vocabulary
  • To know a word in L2 and recognize it in its spoken and written from.
  • To recall the words
  • To use the words in the correct form.
  • To pronounce the words.
  • To speak correctly.
  • To spell it clearly
  • To use in the correct collocation.
  1. Write the four techniques which can be used by a teacher in higher classes
  2. ….   ….. … Teaching Vocabulary_FY

Kindly Note:

The FAQs  (Question Bank with answers) in Teaching of Science-I (English medium) will be published soon. Wait Please!

Herewith you may find the important hints for the first year practical record works in the subject Teaching of Science.  Some important assignment titles also included.


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  1. Hello sir I am Manjula i want 2014 first year English 1 result sir please Help me thank you

  2. Sir/Madam,
    I want D.Ted., Psychology text book. So Please leave the text book in Internet.

  3. iam studying dted 1 st year , i want prevoius exams model question papers in tamil medium, thank you sir

  4. sir please give previous solved paper of 1 year d.t.ed as i m student of eng med batch 2013-14

  5. Where can i get English Medium DTEd Books i searched many place’s but i cant get whether English Medium Book are there.

  6. pls send me English medium book dted psychology for both years , and send sample question also in english.

  7. pls send me Dted first and second year psychology books in english medium to prepare for tet exam. please………send me sir

    • You may find the psychology book ( in pdf format ) in this blog itself ( see: Educational Psychology). Kindly download it and use it. All the best.

      • Dear Arokiaraj,
        Regret. I do not have any of the question papers and keys other than posted in this blog. I feel sorry for not helping you in this regard. You may contact your DIET for past time question papers.

    • Dear Arokiaraj,
      Regret. I do not have any of the question papers and keys other than posted in this blog. I feel sorry for not helping you in this regard. You may contact your DIET for past time question papers.

    • pls i need a psychology book and Tamil medium model questions or psychology questions.

  8. Hi sir i am preparing Tet exam. pls i need a psychology Tamil medium model questions or psychology questions.

  9. I require educational psychology book of first year DTEd as medium of instruction in tamil . .. kindly send to my mail id

    • it is still under preparation. You may read both books for the subject Learning Child and FEL. ( of Tamil Nadu Syllabus for D.T.Ed.)

  10. Dear sir,
    I am studied D.T.Ed first year. Exam Date 04-07-2012. Please model questions for all subjects. I am Tamil medium

  11. can i see my first year D.EL.ED result for the year of 2011 on internet? Please me the results for the same.My exam register no. is 1120202 which enables you to inform the same to my e-mail address.I am in anticipation of your reply.

  12. Hello sir iam married. iam written my 1st year exam in 2011. . but this year i cant continue my 2nd year becos i had a 8mnth baby. then i want to continue my study in nxt year. . its possible or not? then i want to know my 1st mark details. . can u send me my mark details to my mail i.d then my exam num is 1130291

  13. sir i want the date of the result in D.T.Ed first year

    sir pls sms me on my mobile no

    my Reg. No is 1107277&my friend no 1107274

    thank you

  14. sir, i finished my schooling in matriculation school. Now Iam doing d.ted. 2nd year. I used to write all my english exams in my own words.I use 2 get good marks too. But now a new teacher has come to teach. She is asking everyone to memorize the answers. I don’t know 2 memorize. So i felt bad 2 study. I got low marks too. Sir, My question is
    “How the correction will be in the public”?
    “Will I get good marks If I write on my own”?

    • Yes, You may write in your own words conforming the content and syllabus. you will win the exam with high scores. All the best.

  15. Gud noon sir,
    I have completed d.t.ed in 2007 with 88%, and i have done u.g in mathematics last year.Yesterday i read that our C.M going to fill the vaccanciesof teachers post.Sir pls i
    want the format how to calculate my percentage for my merit and what will be the cutoff?
    Pls send me as soon as possible.
    Thank u sir

    • Results of the First Year is anticipated in the Last week of March 2012 [ Probably on 30-3-2012 at DTERT 31-3-2012 at DIETS].

      This is an Unofficial Information.

  16. Dear sir,

    My sister studied DTED in Attur salem Dt. In 1st Year she failed in English, so she rewrote the exam on 2011. Today i came to know that the results are Published. Could be kind enough to say the result or please pass the website link where i can see the results?

    Please Help me..

    Thanks in advance!

    • DTEd results are not published in websites.It is released in DTERT. This is available in the DIET of the jurisdiction where the candidate has appeared in DTEd examination.

  17. hi sir,

    i have joined D.T.ED in Annai velaikanni institute….im finding it very difficult to study in tamil for all 6 languages rather than English subject… is there any ways tat il get english version question paper in my exam. so, that i’l prepare my exam for all 6 subjects by studying the englih version itself.. kindly help me sir… Im very poor in tamil. since i was not able to pay fees in church park i have joined in my institute .

    • As already stated that this blog is primarily concentrates for the students of Pondicherry. Any way you may find necessasry information about DTEd and the academic information. Clarify your requirements. We will help you at our level best.
      All the best.

  18. Sir,
    i want final merit list for d.T.Ed 2010-2011 for maharashtra state. I have search whole web but i got nothing. If you have merit list at least for nashik district please email me.
    Email- rahultmore@yahoo.Com

    please don’t send links. Send any text document like pdf,
    doc etc.
    If you can’t then please tell me how i can get it.
    It is very important for me.
    Please help me.

    • Dear Rahul,
      I am sorry. I am unable to fulfill your request. This blog has special reference with Tamil Nadu and Puducherry D.T.Ed., information.
      T. Madhavan.

      • Hi, Madhav

        Please tell me the website where i can see the result for D.T.Ed exam 2011.

        Please reply sooner.


  19. Hello,
    Can you send the link to check the First year result (Examination year-2010) for tamilnadu. As you have mentioned in your one of the comment “tamilnadu” result is released.

    • Dear Amar,
      Kindly contact your DIET or DTERT, Chennai or DGE, Chennai through proper channel for further Information on results published and to be published.

  20. Dear Sir,
    can i know that when are the results coming out for D.T.Ed first year ,2011 , tamilnadu?
    Iam not able to check my result.please help me out in this.

  21. sir i want the date of the result in D.T.Ed first year

    pls sms me on my mobile no

    my Reg. No is 1029148

    thank you

  22. respected sir ,
    i will tried to see my result of dt ed first year result but some critical problem server not able to see the result so kindly i request u sir pleaase send the result of following seat no on my mobile 9673976768 and my e mail id are as above.also send the nashik distict first year passing student list on my email id ,thank u.
    seat no 55168124

    • Dear Sunil Patil,
      I am unable to help you regarding the results pertaining to the state Maharashtra.
      The results of the DTEd has released in Tamil Nadu Board. The rest of the particulars can be had from respective DIETs in Tamil Nadu State.
      Thank you for visiting my Blog.

  23. sir/mam,

    iam studing dted first year in institute. i have only study in tamil language. so please please kindly inform message in tamil.

    • Dear Ramya,
      Thanks for the good suggestion. Due to Unicode / Fonts problem I need to post in English. Any way I will try to post some important parts / notes in Tamil version in pdf format.

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