13 comments on “TEACHING LEARNING MATERIALS (English)

  1. in my locality, the use of blackboard as a teaching learning material is not allowed even though we tried to explain to our superiors.

  2. the page contains a meaningful elements that are very essential for everybody related to education.

  3. good materials….i will present it in my class of English Learning Teaching of young learners….thanks for your help…but..it will be a good materials if there is a textbook indeed…..:-)

  4. i want to know something about the effective use of teaching aids in a language class

  5. I wanna know the difference between teaching learning materials and teacher made aids.

  6. hi all, i have a question for using multimedia lab in listening class. is there any standard operstional of using multimedia lab in teaching listening? or maybe a steps or procedure in using it, and also how to prepare the materials before conducting teaching learning process in multimedia lab? please repply my comment or sent an email (riza_rocknroll@yahoo.com) thank u,, :)

    • There will be no strict standards and specifications for the multimedia lab. The setting up of such lab varies with the subject and locally available resources and institutional infrastructure and management. The learners and instructors objective also considered before setting the lab. For a third world country a minimum Audio-visual aids such as Radio, TV. Tape recorder also doing better.
      … so on.

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